A Project of the
Marin Community Foundation and
The Marin County Office of Education

About Us

Marin County Office of Education (MCOE) and Marin Community Foundation (MCF) hold a vision of equitable opportunities for every student to enjoy quality learning in diverse arts forms and arts-integrated learning experiences.   

To that end, the Arts Ed Vision Marin project aims to provide access to comprehensive data about arts education to inform our understanding of how much and to whom arts education is being delivered in Marin’s PreK-12 schools and enable us to create longitudinal data measurements and document changes in arts education into the future.

The Tools

ArtsEdVision allows you to explore arts education either by a school or by a cultural organization. First, select the year you wish to explore. Then, use the search bar above to enter the name of the school or organization. When the name you are searching for appears you may select it and hit the “search” button and your result will appear on a new page. From there you may explore the information related to the school or organization selected. You may also use the advanced search to filter the information based on the criteria options presented above.  Once you have finished selecting your criteria select the “search” button to see your results and begin your exploration of the information.